Speakers - Raul Cortes Mateos

Raul Cortes Mateos
RACOM Microelectronics

Title: Implementation of AMI with a Raspberry Pi and a LoRa network

Abstract: One of the areas in which the Smart Cities focus is on public services, with special interest where is needed a constant supply to users and therefore should be permanently measured to have a good consumption record and proper billing. For such services, in particular water, gas and electricity the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) have surged. But it is in the power sector where AMI have taken a significant development over the last decade because they are essential part of a Smart Grid.

Bio: Raúl Ángel Cortés Mateos ESTUDIOS Ingeniero en Electronica y Comunicaciones 1971 ESIME ZACATENCO, Doctor en Ciencias en Ingeniería Eléctrica SEPI ESIME ZACATENCO, TRABAJOS ACTUALES Profesor Investigador en el departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica SEPI ESIME ZACATENCO. Fundador y actual Presidente de la empresa RACOM Microelectronics SA de CV. Areas de Investigación actuales: Soluciones Integrales en Ciudades Inteligentes, principalmente en la problemática del control del Agua y Energía.