Flexibility in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing using Particle Swarm Algorithms and Genetic Algorithms

4:00 pm - 4:25 pm 23 Wednesday


Health & Biomedicine


This work deals with the problem of the optimization of multiproduct batch plantdesign (MBPD) found in a biopharmaceutical manufacturing process. The aim of this work is to minimize the investment cost and find out the number and size of parallel equipment units in each stage. For this purpose, it is proposed to solve the problem in two different ways: the first way is by using particle swarm algorithms (PSA) and the second way is by genetic algorithms (GAs). This paper presents the effectiveness and performance comparison of PSA and GAs for optimal design of multiproduct batch plant.The calculation results (investment cost, number and size of equipment, computational time, CPU time and idle times in plant) obtained by GAs are better than PSA. This methodology can help the decision makers and constitutes a very promising framework forfinding asset of good solutions. Keywords: Biopharmaceutical manufacturing, mathematical modeling, particle swarm algorithms, genetic algorithms, batch plant design.